Impactful events & coworking in Ribera del Duero (Spain)


Share an office, generate synergies, receive expert mentoring

The ecosystem consists of several areas: open workspace, meeting & training rooms, kitchen, bathrooms, and a wonderful patio. 

Coworking hours are Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm.

Work desks

In the open workspace there are 20 work desks with individual tables and office chairs, high-speed internet (1Gb) via cable or Wi-Fi.

Multi-purpose kitchen

There is a fully-equipped kitchen (fridge, microwave, coffee maker, ceramic stoves…) that also serves as an informa meeting room and social gathering.

Meeting, training and incubation room

Large room with capacity for 10 people, perfectly equipped (including 55″ Smart TV and video conferencing system) for meetings, training and the pioneer incubator of social businesses and Nature-based Solutions powered by NBSCLIMATE.

Patio with garden

The jewel in the crown is a large patio with a garden, which is accessed through the kitchen or the open workspace. Its north orientation makes it ideal for summer time and allows for natural ventilation.


Organize, collaborate and participate in events with positive impact

Ribering is a community of practice that seeks to contribute to a positive transformation of the Ribera del Duero region in Spain, promoting social innovation and collaboration for the common good, around an inspiring space in the center of Aranda de Duero (the region’s capital), where we share an office (coworking), and host and facilitate impactful events about open innovation, business incubation, education, culture, well-being or health; in the form of workshops, talks, panels, debates, forums, training, team building, co-creation, hackathons, incubation and acceleration, networking, cultural activities, etc. The project is led by NBSCLIMATE, a social business from Aranda.

Open innovation

Open innovation to solve challenges for companies, organizations and municipalities

Business incubation

Incubation of impact-oriented entrepreneurship projects and Nature-based Solutions

Nature & wellbeing

Various activities related to nature, well-being, food, sports or health.

Education & culture

Talks, training and debates on current issues, and transformative cultural events


The driving force of the project is the Ribering team. Passion and vision to serve the community of coworkers, network of partners, and the whole Ribera del Duero region and its people.

Jesus Iglesias

EU Climate Pact Ambassador

Jesus is a social entrepreneur. Since 2009 he catalyzes social innovation processes for climate resilience and social equity, both locally and internationally. He has been a speaker at the last 6 UN Climate Change Conferences. He is a EU Climate Pact Ambassador, and a regular contributor to prominent Spanish media such as El País and

He is an engineer, with a MsC in Space & Earth Sciences by the Paris Observatory and UC Berkeley, and a MsC in Sustainable Development by EOI Business School. He belongs to and actively participates in multiple networks such as the Nature-Based Solutions Cluster, International Localization Alliance, Climate Reality or

Ana Bartolome

Social innovation, Nature-based entrepreneurship, 
Rural & local development

Ana is an economist by training and has extensive experience in managing European projects, as well as in rural development both in the Ribera de Duero and Cerrato Palentino regions, where she has worked in Local Action Groups, first as a technician and most recently as a manager.

Starting in 2016, she worked in local development for different administrations and in 2020 she began a new phase in her career as a researcher in Nature-Based Solutions, focusing on Urban Agriculture, which is the topic of her PhD.


They embody Ribering’s mission: to create, care for and grow a community of changemakers, who join forces to transform their surrounding and the world at large. Talent and good vibes in abundance, filling the space with content and projects day after day.

Maria Pascual

Legal intelligence, international development
Legal Atlas

María co-manages Legal Atlas, an online legal intelligence platform that supports legislative improvement in environmental and criminal matters in countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America. She is an Economist, specialist in Environmental Law with a Master’s Degree in Food and Nutrition. Although she is a digital nomad and continues to travel, she visits Aranda regularly.

Raul Anton

Talent Analytics, remote leadership

Raul leads Talent Analytics at Automattic. He is an expert in remote communication and distributed leadership at He is a Computer Engineer, Anthropologist and Doctor in Learning and Communication on the Internet. Additionally, among other things, he writes poetry.

Lidia Ballano

Digital product design

Lidia is a Digital Product Designer at Sngular. As a multidisciplinary designer, she creates digital designs and experiences for usability and accessibility. She has a degree in Fine Arts and a diploma in Scenography and Entertainment Architecture.

Noa Simon

Political advocacy in the EU, environmental conservation
BeeLife European Beekeeping

Noa is a veterinarian with a PhD in ecotoxicology. She works as scientific director of the European association “BeeLife European Beekeeping”, protecting pollinating insects from environmental dangers. After 16 years living abroad, she has returned to her hometown (Aranda de Duero) to launch various projects.

Violeta Nikolaeva

Cleaning and maintenance

Violeta is the founder and director of Serviking, an Arandina company with more than 20 years of experience in the cleaning, gardening, maintenance and pest control services sector and in the process of expansion. It offers professional, personalized and very high quality services to homes, communities, premises, offices or factories. They take care of all the cleaning and maintenance of Ribering, as well as participating in many of our events. We also share the network of young entrepreneurs (JEARCO).

2022 Innpulso Emprende Social Innovation Award

On October 14, 2022 in Valencia, at the annual meeting of the Innpulso Network of cities, focused on the mission “smart and climate neutral cities”, Ribering received the award for the best social innovation of the year, representing Aranda and the Ribera del Duero. 50 cities participated, including Barcelona, Valencia and Zaragoza. Without a doubt an important boost for social innovation in the Ribera del Duero!

Innpulso Network Diario de la RiberaCadena SER

2024 FAE Burgos Caja Viva SMEs Award

On March 13, 2024, we received one of the FAE Burgos Caja Viva Caja Rural de Burgos SMEs and self-employed 2024 awards, undoubtedly an important recognition by the Burgos business community for the promising first two years of the company’s life, and a drive to continue creating value in the territory, committed to working with nature to generate climate resilience and social equity.

FAE Burgos Caja VivaBurgos NoticiasBurgos ConectaLa 8 Burgos – TV CyL

Where we are

Between the city center and nature, in the Ribera del Duero

The location is ideal, between the “Jardines de Don Diego” and the “Parque de la Isla”, in the heart of Aranda of Aranda de Duero, the capital of the Ribera del Duero region in Spain); while at the same time next to large green areas, connected to the countryside and the mountains through the nearby Conchuela bridge.

Contact us

We are at your disposal for any question about our services, or collaboration proposal within our field of action. You always go further in good company, and it is a lot more fun 🙂


Bajada al Molino 15, bajo 2, Aranda de Duero (Burgos), Spain



+34 613 28 00 79